Airtech Relay Gala - thank you!

Dated: 10 June 2018

Airtech Relay Gala

Saturday 9th June

 I would like to say thank you to everyone for a very enjoyable gala in which we came seventh.

The swimmers achieved many PB’s - well done to all.

We must thank all officials and parents, many of whom helped for the first time in numerous positions, both on and off the poolside; without their help we would be unable to host this event.

A thank you also to the two senior and two junior swimmers. who came and supported our swimmers, making sure that they were in the correct place and doing the correct stroke in their races.

It was a pleasure being on the poolside, to enjoy the Team Spirit from all the swimmers, cheering on their team mates in all the relay events.  

The noise from the balcony also showed how much parents were entering into the spirit of the gala and encouraging their teams during the races.

Thank you all

Liz Smith

‘B’ Gala co-ordinator.