Crawley Academy

Crawley Swimming Club prides itself on the excellence of the teaching and training of junior members.

Children are accepted who have basic stroke confidence and previous lesson experience.  They are progressed through a number of stages until they are proficient in the 4 main strokes, Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.   The Academy follow the Swim England stages and each swimmer will be assessed during the six weekly terms. 

All children are allowed to progress at their own pace and will not be moved until they have reached the correct standards. The swimming teachers encourage the children to have fun and enjoy the water whilst giving them the water confidence they require to improve.

The Academy is here to establish a sound foundation in all strokes and development, as well as reducing risk of injury in later life.·

Our Aim is to:

  • Encourage the natural progress of swimmers
  • Emphasise the importance of water confidence at an early age
  • Encourage correct technique in all strokes
  • Assess against clearly identified outcomes
  • Ensure that the correct standards of skill are in place before moving up

We have a number of County, Performance and National Swimmers who are Young Aquatic Volunteers who help in the pool and poolside with the Academy.  As role models, they are showing the young swimmers, what they can achieve in years to come. 

Crawley Academy classes take place at K2 on Fridays.  Each class is 30 mins

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