Crawley Academy



This is the point of entry for many young swimmers joining our Swimming Club.

The Academy provides a excellent foundation in swim technique and skills. We support the swimmer to progress at their own pace and assess against clearly identified outcomes.

We are pleased to offer three training sessions a week.

This gives the young swimmer the perfect opportunity to progress technically and improve fitness.

We introduce swim training, athlete development and first competition. Swimmers and their parents will be given guidelines on nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Swimmer’s progress through Swim England’s Swimming Club Awards, these provide a transition from Swim England’s learn to swim (LTS) programme to our Postgraduate and Junior squads. Swimmers will be rewarded for their efforts with badges and certificates.

We encourage our swimmer’s to take part in our own Club Championship.

Learning to train and supported to race in a enjoyable environment.


7-8 yrs completed SE LTS Stage 5

9-11 yrs completed SE LTS Stage 7

Swimmers will be asked to attend a trial session in advance of a place being offered.


Swimmers must committed to a positive work ethic and be open to receiving feedback from coaches. They will learn to take responsibility for their own kit bags for the first time.

The Academy train alongside our other squads, we are an integral part of the club.

Our High Performance Squad members regularly demonstrate new drills and show, with hard work what is possible.....


Parents and Swimmers are expected to abide by the clubs “Code of Conduct"

Parents and swimmers must maintain respect for other club members, coaches, volunteers,

Officials, k2 staff and facility users.

We are committed to developing a positive team mind set, supportive of team mates, both in and around the pool.


Swimmers are required to attend a minimum of 75% of all agreed sessions (unless previously agreed by the lead coach)


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