Crawley Swimming and Water Polo Club

Welcome to Crawley Swimming  and Water Polo Club.

Crawley Swimming Club is one of the most successful swimming and water polo clubs in Sussex, based at K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley.

We welcome swimmers from a young age (see Crawley Academy) and offer a range of professional teaching and coaching from swimming lessons to competitive swimming and water polo to national level.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality teaching, training and coaching in a fun environment, while encouraging our swimmers and learners to be the best they can be.

We are always ready to welcome new swimmers to our club - come and join us!

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We are SO happy to be back in the pool... 

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Crawley Swim Club has reviewed its practices in the light of the current spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Members and spectators should note that, due to the known risk element of Coronavirus, Crawley Swim Club cannot offer any refund or recompense to athletes, coaches, or spectators for any expenses incurred in relation to an event cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Although it is hoped that there will be no impact, Crawley Swim Club will continue to monitor its planned events in the light of the current health information, and will take appropriate action to advise relevant members if it becomes necessary to make changes to our published plans.

Swim England has published, and circulated, a Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement to clubs.

The latest statement has been emailed to our members and a copy of each statement is within the Members area of this website, along with the latest risk assessment.  


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Lis Hartley 2021 Open Meet

Lis Hartley 2021 Open Meet

'Take the Plunge' Open Meet 2021

Click here for details of our open meet on our long course meet taking place on the 3-4 July 2021.

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Crawley L1 Open Meet April - Cancellation

Cancellation of  L1 Open Meet in April

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Volunteer Training Days
To all Parents/Carers.
Sussex County have released the details of the Volunteer Training days in March 2020.
Please can all Parents/Carer Volunteers take a look at the timetable and advise me by e mail of the training you would like to attend.
Officials training can be done online so please advise me if this is your chosen volunteering preference.
Please advise me by email ASAP to
I’m anxiously waiting to hear from Parent/Carers of members from Post Grad, Junior, Senior and High Performance Squads. 

Workforce Coordinator 
Crawley SC
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Sussex County Championships are in danger of not running! Please read Sussex County Chair’s plea at the bottom of this message and then follow the instructions to volunteer.
Can all Parents and Carers who have swimmers competing in these Championships please volunteer in some shape or form:

As things stand today we will be unable to run any session of the Championships or the Relay Gala because we do not have sufficient officials to run the events.

If you know of any officials who are still considering officiating at these events please ask them to complete the online form at

We are also quite short of Event Makers (the guys in blue T shirts) - please can you ask any parents who you think might help to complete their form at 

 Every offer will make a difference.

Brian DeVal
Chair - Sussex County ASA


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Christmas Training Schedule

As we approach the Christmas break, please note some changes to training times: 

- Tuesday 17th December - Thursday 19th December = NO TRAINING AT K2 due to maintenance work. 

- Friday 20th December - Morning training only (0600-0700 Master and Senior 0600-0730 HPAG and HPY) 

- Saturday 21st December - NO TRAINING 

- Sunday 22nd December - Training as Normal 

- Monday 23rd December - Training as Normal (morning and evening for all squads) 

- Tuesday 24th December - Thursday 26th December - NO TRAINING  

- Friday 27th December - Morning training only (0600-0700 All Squads 0600-0730 HPAG and HPY Only) 

- Saturday 28th December - NO TRAINING 

- Sunday 29th December - Training as Normal 

- Monday 30th December - Morning training only (0600-0700 All Squads 0600-0730 HPAG and HPY Only) 

- Tuesday 31st December - Wednesday 1st January - NO TRAINING 

- Thursday 2nd January - Normal Programme resumes 

Should any of the above timings or schedules change, you will be informed immediately.

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Parents - please read

Hello to all swimming parents.

I am the am the workforce coordinator at Crawley SC and I am continually on the lookout for how we can empower our Club through Continual Professional Development (CPD) of our parents and swimmers.

There are many of you parents who regularly enter your swimmers into competitions and I would be grateful if you would consider the role of Team Manager or the role of an Official. The swimming world survives through the network of parent and swimmer volunteers and these roles are essential in helping the Club survive for future generations.

Many of our existing Officials and Team Managers are experienced and have been involved in these roles for some time now but won’t be here forever and they currently do the majority of this work and unfortunately the number of officials we have within our club has reduced so low that we are in danger of not being able to run any of our own L4 meets for Club Championships and Time Trials which have been going for over 50 years. These L4 meets enable the young swimmers to gain times to enter bigger Meets. It is important that parents of the younger generation at the Club now become involved.

I know we live in a hectic world but the Swimming Club is so important in bringing enrichment to our children’s lives. Please don’t let this be the first time in 50 years that parents have chosen not to be involved.

In an ideal world, every family of every swimmer would have one representative who volunteers. This will give the Club a strong basis for future Meets and Galas.

Please look at this summary below. There is one local course coming up in January for TM1. If we get enough volunteers for the TM1 or the Officials training we can get a course run at K2.

I would be grateful if volunteers could now step forward. You can contact me directly on

Thank you very much.

Workforce Coordinator
Crawley SC

Team Manager 1
Team Manager 1 training is designed to ensure any volunteers who are taking groups of athletes to competition locally are fully equipped to do their role. There are no pre-requisites for the workshop, and it is recommended for anyone aged 16 or over, although it should be noted that an individual cannot take the role of a Team Manager fully until they turn 18.

It is a three hour course, following which, the Club will organise a DBS check. You would then need to take a Safeguarding Course (three hours) when you are able. The role reaps rewards poolside with the fabulous swimmers we have.

Team Manger 1 on 7th January 6.30 – 9.30pm @ Guildford Spectrum, Parkway, Guildford GU1 1UP

If there are enough parents interested we can run a course at K2

This is an introduction into the world of the swimming official. It covers the practical aspects of what is required of a timekeeper by means of a short theory session followed by a practical assessment.

The minimum recommended age for candidates to undertake this training is 14 years, and all need to be registered members of a British Swimming affiliated club or member of the Institute of Swimming (IoS).

If there are enough parents interested we can run a course at K2

Judge Level 1
This is the first level of British qualification. It encompasses the role and duties of a Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper and Inspector of Turns.

The minimum age to start training is 15 years. Candidates will be required to undertake some formal theory instruction and gain practical experience working on the poolside with a mentor. This can be done at Meets where your swimmer is participating so you would be there anyway. You choose when you can do this. A course workbook is provided for completion after which there will be a practical assessment. The practical assessment is also done at a Meet where your child would be swimming so there is no extra time required outside the swimming commitments you would already have.

During the practical assessment, candidates will be required to answer questions orally. Upon qualification candidates will be attributed with the qualification Judge Level 1 on the British Swimming Database and will be encouraged to become a Licensed Official.

If there are enough parents interested we can run a course at K2

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